At Sattvic restaurants, the philosophy that drives us to provide the sattvic food, that is the purest and freshest food the customers rightfully deserves. Sattvic food helps in the practice of yoga and Ayurvedic medicines and individuals can feel the change while studying sacred scriptures, practising asanas, meditation and pranayama.



In a world full of adulterated and fast food culture, we thrive to develop a culture that could rejuvenate a person’s body as well as the mind that has been deprived of what nature in it’s purest self-has to offer.




We have a long history of providing the best and purest that was available in town. Our Grandfather (Pappupilla) was a household name when it comes to serving the best possible Dosa in the area. What we are saying is that “the apple didn’t fall far from the tree”. While trying to spread our wings, we also gave Britishers the real taste of South Indian food for about the last 14 years in London. After 14 years, we have realised it is time to come back home and give the people the love that they gave us at the beginning.

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The master of his craft, Mr Suresh, without whom the resraurant wouldn’t be complete is obssesed with providing the best possible dish at every order. He has the experience of about 20 years at London after which he shifted to Kerala. His speciality is of the South Indian dishes but he is a man of many talents. He is constantly surprising us with dishes that matches the sattvic diet as well as a joy for our taste buds, People always like o believe that Non vegetarian foods are the best tasting one’s, unfourtunately, they haven’t tasted the food made by Mr Suresh at our Sattvic restaurant.

Mr Suresh

 Head Chef

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Sattvic Pure Vegetarian Alinchuvadu Thalakkode

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